Survey Markers

Few professions allow someone to put their mark on the world in numerous places and methods as does the surveyor. Land surveyors have been doing this throughout history. They carefully place their mark whether building infrastructure for empires or subdividing property for rural homeowners. Surviving many inevitable title changes, their marks will remain.

“Hello land surveyors,” I am Joe Crisp of This is our Land Surveyor Blog and my hope is that you will continue to visit here as well as going directly to our eStore at

Making and selling something allow you to get to know your customers. Especially if the product is custom or personalized. So I have gotten to know many surveyors during the past dozen year. You are a very unique and talented group and I certainly enjoy hearing your stories, along with a few complaints. I want to encourage you to post on this site and share your experience.

I also hope you will enjoy my stories along the way. Like when I visited the geographic center of the United States (all 50) in Belle Fourche, SD.

Decorative marker in the Park at Belle Fourche, SD.
Yours truly on a cold and rainy day.

Of course the actual site and maker are outside of town on a farm. It is to0 remote for tourist visits and the farmer had got tired of people knocking down his crops. I’m sure many of you have visited similar sites that have historical significance and I would love to hear all about those.

Back in 2010, my family and I were on a 2 week 4000 mile tour of the great western states. We were north of Death Valley and I needed a break, so we stopped on Hwy 95. There on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, was this survey pin.

U.S.Geological Survey B.M.

I’ve often wondered how deep that pipe was and what shape the bottom split end of the pipe would look like if I could see underground.

Have any of you been to Meades Station in Kansas. And is there any connection between the Waldo marker and that guy in the red and white shirt striped shirt we look for in crowds? (That was me trying to be funny). But seriously, reply to this post with your own story or description of one of your favorite spots in the world.

Just a few of mine are Mt. Mitchell, NC – Brays Point, OR – Muir Beach Overlook, CA and Clingmans Dome in TN. A few I want to visit are Black Elks Peak, SD and the four corners of AZ,CO,NM and UT.

I would especially like to hear about and see some of the most interesting pins you have set. Just reply to this post and we will get this Land Surveyor Blog going.

We plan to review each post weekly. We can then review pictured you submit to add detail to your stories. I hope to hear from you soon.